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if i had a dollar for every minute ive ever spent on the internet only god knows where id be right now

Probably still on the internet

but I’d be lying in a fucking huge pile of money while on the internet


I’m gonna start a band called “No” and we’ll have hit songs like, “Stop”, and “Can You Not.”

"When you can dance to nothingness, you have mastered existence."
-Awakened Vibrations  (via pyur)


I just want to say that it’s like a punch in the stomach (and yes, I’ve been punched in the stomach before) every time I go on Facebook and learn someone else I either grew up with or am related to is homophobic. Sure, of course they are allowed to have their opinions, as am I. All I’m saying is when I see my former childhood friends, especially ones I looked up to, preach about how gay people shouldn’t be able to do this and that I just want to crawl into a hole. Preferably one that brings me back to when we were children and no one cared about things like that and we all loved and respected one another. We really ought to start taking lessons on such matters from children because the way I see it, that is where unconditional love and acceptance lies; in childrens’ hearts.